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Get to know us

An idea came to light after my husband and I experienced our fourth miscarriage. I was in a very dark place and had no motivation. One day, in my doctor's office, I saw this picture of a baby posted in the "Miracles Bulletin" with the caption "It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow." It made me smile and gave me a sense of inspiration. I asked myself, "Why not turn this gloomy experience into something positive?"

Being passionate about love for fashion and clothing, and hopeful that someday my rainbow baby will come, I found inspiration. The rainbow is a symbol of hope, and this is the very reason why I built this store: to spread hope to people in the same situation as us; to never give up; to continue chasing for your dreams; and know that there's always a rainbow after every storm.

This store is for parent/s and parent/s-to-be for being the most bravest and strongest human on earth but most specially dedicated to all parents out there waiting for their Rainbow baby. Someday soon, your rainbow will come.